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Internet scams

The vast majority of individuals on Swoon are genuine people. However, you may be aware that there are some people, known as scammers, who use the Internet to trick people into giving them money. This is typically done by gaining people's confidence and trust over a period of time and then asking for money to help the scammer's situation, possibly with the promise of some reward in return.

Thankfully, these scams are few and far between and we do our utmost to stop these scams from affecting our members. However, we would suggest that you read the advice below to help prevent becoming a victim yourself.

Signs to be aware of:

The following are examples of how scammers typically operate:

  • Vague messages professing their love for you, often from their first contact, but containing no or very few questions about you and in many cases direct questions from you are rarely answered.
  • Scammers will often try and push communication away from the site to an email address, MSN or Yahoo Messenger.
  • Scammers are typically African, Russian or East European; or they claim to be English or American, but for some reason are currently in Africa
  • Bad grammar or spelling, e.g. "i am look forward to meet the right man".
  • Often they claim to be working or travelling in Africa, but, following some disaster or tragedy, they cannot get back home or pay hotel bills etc. They will then ask you to send them money to help.
  • Sometimes they will send you postal orders or cheques that they are unable to cash, asking you to send them the cash in return. If the cheques/postal orders are later found to be fraudulent then you're left to foot the bill.
  • They may want to visit you, but need money for their flight tickets or a visa.
  • They may tell you that a relation has died (Father/Uncle/Mother etc. Often this person was a dignitary or of political importance) and left a lot of money, gold or gems. They will explain that they need you to send them money so that the funds can be released. You will often be promised a percentage of the fortune, but no money will ever arrive.

The Golden Rule

NEVER send money to someone you've only ever met on the Internet, no matter what their circumstances are.


If you suspect that anyone is using the Swoon to trick people into giving them money, then please report them to us.