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Help with using Swoon: Talk Live

By using Talk Live, you can communicate with other site members limitlessly. It’s a unique opportunity to have completely secure, 100% anonymous and really spicy phone chats with site members you fancy on Swoon.

How it works

Find someone you like among the Swoon members, click the ‘Talk Live’ button next to their profile picture and provide your mobile phone number so that we can reach you.

After that we send a conversation request to the member you want to chat with, and if they are on your Friends list, the chat starts immediately. If the member you want to chat live with is not on your Friends list, they will need to agree to talk to you, it takes just a couple of minutes.

How can I get more minutes?

You can pay using your mobile phone.

Can I contact people who are not on my Friends’ list?

Yes, you can contact anyone you like.

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