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Help with using Swoon: Check "Meet Me Today" every day

The "Meet Me Today" tool is a unique feature that allows you to schedule dates for days when you are free and find people with similar plans. You can use this tool to post your availability by selecting "Yes" on the check box on the left hand side. You can provide more details about what sort of date you would like: who'll be participating, what type of activity is involved, and where (in what city) you want to meet. We've provided lots of options but you can add more descriptive details if you want. After you click "Schedule this date now" your availability becomes visible to other people viewing your profile.

If you would like to see the dates scheduled by other members, click the "Meet me today" link on the left panel of your "Home page" or "Search" page to see all members wishing to meet today. You can also enter special criteria when performing a search and find someone looking to meet up. Just tick the box "and available to meet me today''. You can select the date and the location for the meeting and see the list of people who have scheduled dates. To agree to another member's date, go to the member's profile, and click the "mail" link on the left of the date description. You will be redirected to a new mail window where you can send a message agreeing to meet. After the member has agreed to your suggestion to meet, you will be sent a mail from admin informing you of this.

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