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why is it so hard for a single young mom to meet 1 decent guy

# 1  15/09/2013 08:47


I'm 23 & I have a beautiful 3 year old little girl. My last relationship was the 1st guy i ever brought around her which now regret cause i dont like seeing my kid get close to someone only for them to walk out of her life. I have been hurt over & over by guys. Most guys seem to be either too immature or they cheat or they lie so much & just end up letting you down. Makes me think all guys are the same. Just would be nice for once to meet a great guy that can show me that not all guys are like that & that good guys actually do exist

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# 2  04/10/2013 02:53


I've studied men and women for over 10 years.
Most men don't want to deal with "some other man's kid."
It's an old fashioned genetic psychological trait that increases the odds of the man's genes being passed on.
Guys who accept other men's kids don't typically pass on their genes, so that trait doesn't get passed down.