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why cant i find a woman

# 1  14/08/2013 21:34


I have join this site to try and find a woman who would love me for me and not what I can do for them I have had 3 relationships and I all ways ending up kick in the you know what's I cant understand it I have all ways given every thing they wanted yet I end up on my own again hoping to find some one no here

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# 2  15/08/2013 10:48


hard to tell why from what you've said. Maybe if you tell more people will help you

# 3  15/08/2013 13:04


Let them find you and you still have alot to learn hell to figure out woman

# 4  23/08/2013 19:19


maybe if you didn't walk around with a parrot on your arm, you might have more sucess............

# 5  05/09/2013 07:20


Maybe you are trying too hard  and doing TOO much.    I tend to be the other way...... call it independence???

# 6  12/09/2013 01:21


Be thankful, your wallet is better off as well as your nerves.

# 7  12/09/2013 18:19


where the f### did all these aussies come from  ?