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Top 10 Tips to satisfy a women in bed

# 1  26/10/2015 21:54


If your wife is not sexually satisfied with you in bed, here are some tips to fulfill her desires.
More attention to the breasts
Most of the guys pamper a woman’s breast only during foreplay but forgets at the main event. Try to continue pampering breasts till the main event to get extra stimulation which results to better organs for her.  Don’t just stick to her nipples, offer her complete breasts massage as they are packed with sensible nerves mostly at the underside of the breasts. Draw your figures slowly from the parameter of breasts spiraling till you reach her nipples. 
G-Spot Orgasm
G-Spot Area is located around 2 inches inside the vaginal canal. This spot offers greater excitement to the women. Try to stimulate this area gently with your fingers initially and follow up with your penis strokes. During the penis strokes, this G-spot area is rubbed regularly which makes the orgasm longer and more satisfactory. You can see many watch porn hd to know the right G-spot area. hd porn

Surprise her
When she comes in the room, pull her towards you and have a deep kiss. Remove the loads she carried and make her free. Carry her to the nearby couch or bed. Don’t completely undress her, lift the skirt and remove pants while massaging her clitoris. Continue this till the main event.

Gently pull her hair

There are many sensitive nerves present in the scalp which adds excitement during sex. When you have sex from behind try to pull her hair gently as if you are treating her like a hooker. When she on top, keep your hands near scalp and pull it slightly which will make her feel ravished that makes the sex more passionate one.  Internet offers many types of Teen Porn Videos Online should be viewed for perfect sex experience.

Dirty Talk
Women seem to hate dirty talks but it’s not true for their loved one. Talk dirty when you make her ready for foreplay. Talk about how much you love her and how good you want her to feel. All these talk makes a woman more excited for sex.

Lick her neck
Neck is one of the sensitive parts of the women. The thin skin of the neck makes her excited when licked by the tongue. Start licking her neck below her ear till the shoulder and neck joint. This will shoot tingles in her complete body.

Oral Sex

Oral sex makes her forget the whole world and enjoys it. Try oral session with soft licking, pointed tongue, wide tongue, etc moves to know which one makes her enthusiastic. When you get that she is breathing fast, it seems that she is about to orgasm. If you don’t understand the right manner to do, on teenporntube internet will help you out.

Kiss her during sex

Most of the guys forgets to kiss their partner during the ending part of them sex. When intercourse starts, continue kissing her to offer pleasure during intercourse. Always try to get in a position facing each other for better kissing experience. Kiss can be varying type and works as per situations. During sex, go for smooches which will lead to a long intercourse session and best satisfying experience for her. teen porn tube

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