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Love And Lust

# 1  22/04/2014 16:52

Hi Friends,

its the third Post of mine and hope to have lots of interactive comments and post.

we all have the various type of diets as per our taste and as per our nature, some like veg and some don't like veg, some like salads, some like spicy .... but we need it at the particular interval during the course of 24 hours what we call it as a day.

In the same manner we need sex its also vital for us and is important to have the Health Sex as we have the Health Food with Hygiene.

We have different taste as mentioned in Kamasutra the novel which teaches the art of sex.

I do like sex very much and do endorse that it has different taste and effects on your personality and daily routine.

As I love to Lick and suck and foreplay and love my partner to be the equal partner to it.

When we have it in the manner as we like the next day is stress free and the concentration level is high with the discipline to work and we are am able to extract the max.

Sex helps us to reduce Stress which is basic reason for most of the physical disorder so fiends have sex diet daily and leave a happy and lovely life and keep smiling

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