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trusting a man

# 1  26/09/2013 04:49


I know from experience that if I ever got a woman that I truly love ,that here and now would be my very last long necking or looking for good . As of right now the woman in my life can not be trusted outside my house.  But once a long time ago just the opposite was true ,because she cheated then said  I was the unfaithful one . I will never trust her ,but my next gal who shows me love and will never let me out of her sight ,and love her to my dying day . Love is a big word and it's tossed around my house like it's a cheap peice of meat which is so wrong .

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# 2  18/10/2013 18:10


Yea for you. That's the way it should be. But usually never is. The grass is greener on the other side, most men think