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coffee date?

# 1  17/10/2013 08:33


do you think coffee date is not a date? i know a lot of people consider it more of a "meet" than a date. but why? doest it really matter if two people having good time?

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# 2  17/10/2013 09:13


If you have never met before it can't be a date anyways. It can be just a meet up over a drink where there is no romance expected because you are just there to see the person for the first time and talk to them.

# 3  17/10/2013 11:17


If it works for you, then who cares what it is called

# 4  17/10/2013 18:43


I,m with maria51920 who cares what you call it  ..... its how it goes ... did you both enjoy it ... and most importantly will there be another 

# 5  20/11/2013 11:40


When I was still bothering to look the coffee date was fine with me. It let me see if you looked like your picture, had teeth, manners, if there might be chemistry and find out if you knew how to behave in public.

# 6  21/11/2013 00:29


yes...its a nice restful date..  without strings..
  it would not be the quite get togther type ,,that happens in the evening
Just a little get together..