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Would you date an Asian person?

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Yes I would an Asian

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greyg wrote:

Of course I'd date asian guy if he is a real man and if I like him why not? I don't have problems with ppl who have different skin color, race etc. We all deserve to be happy in this life.


reply me .....

# 29  22/06/2013 09:09


with us here in Asia, its the other way round. Would asian guys date Latin girls. I am sure yes. The features of Latins is quite similar to Asians except the figure of Latin girls is more trim and athletic. The problem would arise with distance but I am sure there would be plenty Asian guys in south of USA who luv to date Latin girls. They are very beautiful

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why hell yeeeaah..

# 31  22/07/2013 02:20


Heck Yeah! I would eat an Asian woman or any other race.
Oops! I mean date.

# 32  14/08/2013 02:49


I dated a Korean girl for 2 and a half years. It was a fantastic relationship. I'd date an Asian woman in a heartbeat. They're awesome. And I'm about as white as it gets.

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how does this make a difference?!?!

of course i would date an asian woman!

# 34  27/08/2013 23:45


Married to an Asian woman for 34 years two handsome sons and the only regret that I have is her Dad's attitude.  But I really don't pay any attention because he will get over it.  We have no plans for divorce.

# 35  28/08/2013 10:34


why not ..mainly the similarity of interst nd communication mach up then why nt dat asian......nd asian are very nice human for my point of view\\\\\\.....

# 36  01/09/2013 06:36


Yes I would always date an Asian im 59 my first love was Filipino during ny years I was engaged to a Chinese woman my last relationship was a woman who was born in Japan arrived in the US when she was 25 I miss her I thought I would .marry her and we would live together for the rest of our lives 8 yrs was along time I still instill this s day know why she left me it took yrs to get over her yes I would go out with an Asian I jus t turned 59. I would give anything to find an Asian girl to spend the rest of my life with I still have one strike left and I could feel I hmm my heart a home run

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Hello I am Denise , I am new here , Just join and looking for a passionate love .. [Your posted has been edited. Contact details are not allowed on the forum. Moderator]

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Yes I would date an Asian male.

# 40  12/02/2014 23:43


I have in past and would again without hesitation !