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Why don't many men post photos?

# 1  24/09/2013 14:57


i have had some, most will send a pic after i ask

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# 2  25/09/2013 09:09


Hello there are few possible reasons:
-they consider themselves ugly or want to hide something
-they do not want to post a picture because they are afraid someone from friends will see them here or they are public person

# 3  30/09/2013 17:34


Hi everyone,
As you see I have no photo. I have worried that should I want to remove profile and more importantly my image , I will not be able to?? Is this just gossip I wonder or not.  Have heard rightly or wrongly that your image belongs to site once you post it on-line.  I still have chats and made two good friends and have shared photo with these individuals   Most think you must be real ugly or have something to hide, I do understand that .  I expect you get more contact with an image but I do wish more people would introduce themselves and say hello , like your profile, can we chat etc.. I myself do chat to men without a photo . You learn a lot from conversation as we all know.  I also met one man that was a lot older than his photo on-line. Overall I do except that a photo is what most people want to see.

# 4  12/10/2013 10:51


Day uant si yu

# 5  12/10/2013 11:15