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Why do guys not fill out their profiles

# 1  02/10/2013 03:57


I can't believe it.  Guys sign on ... maybe they put up a picture if you're lucky, but no description, nothing about their likes and dislikes.  Incroyable!

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# 2  10/10/2013 06:41


Il a peut-être à voir avec les profils de femmes moitié ou alors à peine faits. Ou plus à voir avec, "People are strange when you're a stranger. Faces look ugly when you're alone." J. Morrison

# 3  07/11/2013 04:37


They don't as most are married man and they are on ever single site picture are never the same

# 4  07/11/2013 14:18


Men have different approaches. Find those that are meeting your specific requirements and go from there...