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The worst pickup lines you've ever heard

# 1  16/06/2012 04:48

Worst pick- up lines:

"i lost my teddy bear will you sleep with me?"

" Was your dad a thief? Because he must have stolen the stars and put them in your eyes" 

"Have any irish in you? Would you like some more?

Nice legs, what time do they open?

Are you a concrete worker because you are making me hard.

You have 206 bones in your body, would you like to have one more.

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# 2  19/06/2012 00:06

"You're finer than frogs hair."  How lame is it for him to have to justify how "good" the line is since frogs don't have hair?

"You're so fine, you make the Devil himself fall to his knees & pray to Jesus!" Laughed hard at that one.

# 3  16/07/2012 04:18

have you had your meat injection today?

tacky but I actually use it and get 6 out of 10

those women are nasty !!!

# 4  16/07/2012 17:07

How would you like to go out to dinner with me, you look like a girl who likes to eat

# 5  22/07/2012 00:22

if i said you are and angel, would you treat me like the devel tonight?

# 6  29/07/2012 04:27

My friend is actually the one who heard this onw while she was in the Marines.

"Your lipstick would look great on my dipstick."

Complete and utter moron!

# 7  29/07/2012 22:58

Just call me milk...I'll do your body good!

Lipstick must have been invented because of your lips.

You're so good looking...I'd even like to be your dog.

What's your favorite flower?  Mine's two lips.

Didn't we bathe together as children?

Your looks are so arresting.  So why don't I just come along peaceably.

# 8  30/07/2012 05:12

Do you want to go halfers on a baby?

# 9  31/07/2012 03:09

"I am Superman, will you be my Lois Lane?"

Sadly, I did date this guy for a while. Didn't date him because of that line.  We already knew each other from mutual friends/group of friends we hung out with, but he used this on me to start showing he was interested.

# 10  01/08/2012 02:26

You know what looks good on you?  Me!

# 11  03/08/2012 00:43

"You could lose about two pounds, ( as my face got hot) and I would say those clothes weigh approxiamtely two pounds"...ummm no!

# 12  06/08/2012 21:47

If I told you you have a beautiful body.,.. would you hold it against me?

# 13  09/08/2012 02:54

How about this one?  "Excuse me - but does this rag smell like chloroform to you?"

# 14  09/08/2012 02:57

I did have a girl use this one on me once...  "You better get yourself to the veterinarian, because those pythons are SICK!"

# 15  14/08/2012 07:19

have you got any irish in you???    want some......   

so when is ur little brother bringing you home???   (for girls with their bf's....)

and the grand finally ..... from my lil bros friend......   dont turn this rape into a homicide........

# 16  19/08/2012 15:45

Worst pick up line ever!

Are you a light switch? Because your turning me on!

Be happy, your frog kissing days are over!


# 17  20/08/2012 01:57

I heard this one at ComiCon last year.
"Hey baby, wanna see my level 5 great sword?"

# 18  20/08/2012 19:07

OMG Someone just used this one on me and i laughed

"Do you want to see a good-looking person? Then look in the mirror!"

# 19  22/08/2012 17:46

How about this:  if you look like your mom when you're her age, call me

# 20  24/08/2012 13:52

Hi, my name is Doug. That's 'god' spelled backwards with a little bit of you wrapped up in it.

# 21  26/08/2012 17:41

Excuse me, would you feed a starving man? Well I'm a vagetarian and I haven't eaten in weeks.

# 22  27/08/2012 03:24

The absolute worst pick up line I've heard is one of the most common and the most tacky: "What's your sign?"

I usually reply with, "Dead End"

# 23  30/08/2012 00:55

you must have a mirror in your back pocket. I can see myself in your pants

# 24  30/08/2012 03:34

Worst pick up lines would have to be....

Hello. I'm Mr. Right someone said you were looking for me.

I lost my number can I have yours?

# 25  06/09/2012 05:49