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Do you believe in online dating?

# 1  27/10/2013 21:46


The thing is... I have been trying to find love online for more than 10 years now... why is it so difficult? Should I trust those "successfull stories"? Of course I have been looking for love outside the web, but anyway... In here, out there... where is LOVE?

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# 2  29/10/2013 19:54


This happens but it's too early say "life" partner. I know several succesful couples but one have broken after 4 years and others are too "young" to predict.
Nina, along with internet search you are probably tried in real life during those 10 years? Perhaps that's the clue, sorry. Perhaps your love is just a "digital" one, it's a dream but no real guy to comply...
Also the older we are the more difficult to start new relationship.