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Can you love someone you never met?

# 1  13/11/2012 10:08


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# 2  17/11/2012 03:44

No, I think no

# 3  28/11/2012 18:32

[For love mental attachment also require not only physical

# 4  22/12/2012 22:14

with my experience you cant really love  a person who you met on line  because  its mostley a game  that thay just push them selves on you  and  thay saduice you into falling in love thats not even ther  i have had that done to me and  now i just dont trust  in online love any more  and i work in a way that  i just want to meet the person who i talk to online  face to face  and not from a  internatanal country   who just  forces  them self  on online  love

# 5  29/07/2013 11:47

I am an active 63 years old woman. I am very attractive, financially Independent, still working to keep me busy, I walk 2 miles a day to keep me Physically fit and beautiful! My opinion about if I believe in falling in love to a person that you never meet?  Innocently, not knowingly, I would say the answer is "YES" and "NO"! I was scammed with a perfect Scammer without knowing his real intention because he came in to my "Facebook" and requested to be a friend. He introduced himself as Col. Gabriel Barragan, he posted his lenthy medals of Honors in the US ARMY. Try to log on and see to yourself.  A person like that, what I thought posting a very delicate personal data is for real.  I communicated with him, listen to this people, our communication lasted "ONE YEAR AND 4 MONTHS", our E-Mail sometimes are 4 times a day! so practically we have known each other like we are intimate boy friend/girl friend kind of thing.  We exchanged personal pictures, so I have fallen inlove with him! then I have written him a personal, very nasty letter what I thought who really he was! since then I never heard of him! so he is just one of those "International Professional Scammers" that does this things 24/7.  And I warn you, I discovered, they are all here in the Internet Websites, I mean all here, Dating Websites are full of it! be careful!

# 6  16/08/2013 03:12

It's definitely possible to feel a connection online, and perhaps,eventually, call that feeling "love" for the person. can NOT tell online if that feeling will carry over once you meet.  Sure, you connect on an emotional and mental level....but then you throw in mannerisms, daily life, habits, finances, kids (or other family).....there's a lot that goes into being able to "be in love" with a person other than just being able to communicate....though communication is a huge factor and a good start.  I'd say it's worth trying.

# 7  15/11/2013 00:11

Yes, its psychological feelings, which is controlled by the mind not just eyes.

# 8  25/12/2013 08:08

Reno_Sacramento wrote:

gangster448 wrote:



I feel yes. Just like you can still  love a person who's dead for the rest of your living life. Love is amazing!!

# 9  04/05/2014 00:52

Falling in LOVE online is rather sterile and easily done. You FALL for the "Ideal of Loving someone" and convince yourself you are hearing what they are saying. If someone is adept at communicating emotion via text, you can be seduced into a feeling. The caution is in the reality check. Here are a few pointers:

1) Does the "other" have hours to spend online when most people would be working?  (beware)
2) Does the person call you possessive names and make demands that you isolate yourself from others?
3) Does the person speak of his own family and have  activities with friends that s/he later discusses with you?
4) Does the person require webcam and make demands for you to expose your body, stand up? turn around? show me more?
* Be aware that webcam photo capture can take pics of anything you show on a webcam and that pic can be cropped and used for any form of pornographic purpose the scammer may require.

Love ... truly loving someone is a DECISION you make ... the trick to keeping love in life is to make that decision daily. Good luck!

# 10  04/06/2014 21:23

I have fallen in love with someone I haven't met before 3 times, eventually I met two of them, obviously i got to know them at completely different times. I think a certain type of person can fall in love with someone they haven't met, a creative, romantic, dreamer type of person and they have to click in a lot of aspects.

# 11  13/06/2014 23:31

Yes The answer is Yes.
I fell for my last Hubby online 7 years ago.
We both knew we were in love before we met.
We got married a year after we met.
I still love him and probably always will even though I asked for the divorce.

# 12  14/06/2014 10:04

Smokey2 makes a good point. We all have to admit that's our agenda here on a dating site, to draw people to us. So until you really get to know them in person all feelings you have with one another need to be guarded.

Falling in love on line is possible though, especially if we are vulnerable.

Smokey2 it's a shame your so far away, I would certainly date you

Kate xx