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Every day we receive feedback from members about their site experiences. Here are just a few...

December 2006

Caroline, Hatfield

"..I want to say a big thank you to you as your site has changed my life. I have found some really good friends but also have met someone very special to me. I like to wish all your staff a Happy Christmas and Happy New Year!"

Tina, Hull

"Just over one year on here and after quite a few dates, meeting some good friends along the way... I've been seeing S for nearly 3 months and all is going very well. Taking it fairly slow, but enjoying the proper romantic dates we have and each others company... Anyway, I recommended the site to my reflexologist friend who is 62 (I'm 40) and what do you know, 4 weeks in and she's met someone and they've clicked like a pair of teenagers... on the phone every day, meeting up every weekend, staying over at each others houses... like a pair of love sick parrots they are, so sweet and it just goes to show, that FRD does work... give it time and stick at it.. there's someone out there who will bring that sparkle back into your life."

Lisa, Northampton

"I thought I should tell you that I do not need or wish to renew my membership as I have already met the man of my dreams! The man in question and I started chatting a day after registering with you. A month later we met, fell in love and have been together since. We have a wedding planned for next September and are currently looking to buy a house together! If it wasn't for your site we would never have met, so I wish to extend my thanks to you."

Ian, Wickford

"I met my current partner through the website. Shortly after I registered we made contact via a wink and it soon escalated into e-mails. We exchanged telephone numbers, chatted for a couple of weeks then we finally met up for a drink which went really well. We met up again shortly after and continued to see each other as often as possible. Things have gone so well it feels as though we have known each other for ages. We are also happily living together now and planning the future together. Registering on the website was the best thing I have ever done and helped me to find the woman of my dreams. Thank you."

Deb, Stonehouse

"I just want to let you all know that it does work. Finally last March 05 I met someone on Friends Reunited Dating and today we are still together and now have a 6 month old boy, who is absolutely gorgeous. Yes, talk about fast going. Little one wasn't planned for just yet, but that isn't to say he isn't wanted because he most definitely is. Anyway, just want to say to all of you hopefuls out there. IT DOES WORK!!!"

Chris, London

"... just over two 1/2 years ago I joined with little hope of meeting anyone. I clicked on a profile & started chatting. Over a few weeks we were doing well so decided to swap phone numbers and finally we met. We were both nervous about meeting and we had a 40 mile distance gap between us, but decided to give things a try. After our first meeting we both decided we liked each other and things progressed, after a couple of months of just meeting up at weekends she decided to quit her job and move in with me ... Things grew very strong between us, and she's every thing I said I wanted in my profile! Last September (2006) we got married ... the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE !!! Thank you FRIENDSREUNITED DATING !!! So for all those who think it is a waste of time IT'S NOT! GO FOR IT and see what happens..."

Wendy, Burntwood

"The best move i ever made in my life was to join your site. I have found love at long last and its perfect. We live 60 miles apart at the moment but that's going change in the new year. Thank you."

Gary, York

"Hi just thought I would send you mail to tell you a little story about myself and friends reunited dating. I met a lovely girl November 2003 through friends dating site and after a while we moved in together then in April this year we got married in Mexico....... Well done on a great web site and thanks!"

John, Northwich

"I met the woman of my dreams through your site. We met and 2 months later were living together, 12 months after that we were married and are blissfully happy, having been married for over 6 months now."

Diana, Norwich

"I joined for a month initially and have found the person I have been looking for on your site. I cannot believe how lucky we have been in such a short time. We both feel so comfortable with one another and although it's very early days, are looking forward to the future together. Thank you so much."

Carla, London

"I'm not sure if he is "the one", I've only had 3 dates and I feel as if I want to be in his arms forever. If I think too much I get scared and think this isn't going to last because we get on so well! So going to go with it, take it day by day...wish me luck...I can't believe my luck that I met him! Thank you FRD!"